Keep the Famous Dishes of these States in your Wedding Menu

In weddings, we all want that everything from decoration to food should be perfect, if you also want similar things, then why not include the famous dishes eaten in the states of India in the menu of your wedding catering this time. Add to your list? Let us tell you about some delicious foods according to the states –

Malaio of Varanasi

There are two things that make Malaio special. Firstly, it is prepared only in Varanasi and secondly, it is available only in winter. Malaiyo is a sweet dish made from saffron flavored milk froth and garnished with pistachios and almonds. The dish is served in earthen pots, which taste very tasty.

Patna – Litti Chokha

Litti Chokha is the most nutritious dish on this list. Litti is a ball made of wheat flour and sattu and is served with chokha, a vegetable mixture made of brinjal and potatoes. If you keep this in your wedding menu list, people will really be left licking their fingers.

Amritsar – Amritsari Kulcha

The second version of Naan that has been brought in the market is Amritsari Kulcha. This Kulcha is not like any other Kulcha, it is made crispy by mixing some potatoes and coriander. Spicy chickpeas further enhance its taste. If you are preparing your menu list, then add Amritsari Kulcho to your list.

Mysore – Mysore Pak

How can we allow the absence of sweets in a wedding? Among the many mouth-watering and heart-melting sweets, we have directly chosen Mysore Pak. This sweet is made from ghee, sugar and gram flour, whose taste you and your relatives will always remember.

Chennai – Idli

Who does not like Idli Dosa, it is very light and very tasty to eat. If you want to have dosa in snacks, then along with potato dosa you can also have chow mein dosa. Idli also comes in many varieties, which can make your snack item completely different.

Mumbai – Vada Pav

It is said that if the wedding food turns out well, it means that your relatives will sing your praises for the rest of their life, if it is the same with you, then the items should be good and such that it looks like oh here is the food of another state! Everyone must have eaten Vada Pav of Mumbai, if not in Mumbai then they must have eaten it in Ahmedabad or some other City. If you liked it, then definitely include this in your wedding menu list.

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