New food trends in Indian weddings

New food trends in Indian weddings

Change is the rule of the world and in everything something new is added somewhere. Sometimes it has a touch of modernity while often repeating history. People do not like one thing more than a certain extent and because of this traders and service providers are always keen on ‘Kuch Naya Ho Jaye’ in their business. Why should the food sector be left in it? Also, in every auspicious occasion including wedding and reception ceremonies, various kinds of experiments are now done and when the dishes are served in front of the people, there is a pleasant surprise. So today let’s talk about the big fat wedding and royal food and arrangements.

In the earlier times, when there was a dinner in the marriage, there was mostly a Pangat. Pangat means to invite the guests to come to the Jamanvar with patla and seat. Harband patlas and asaniyas are arranged and the youths of the host serve food. At the end, the host himself comes and forces or insists the guests to feed the mishtan with his own hands, which is considered respect for the guests. There have also been cases of guests getting it wrong.

Then came the buffet and after the buffet came the round table where the men of the catering company served the food that the guests ordered but now with the new trends, the catering and wedding food has become next level. Royal wedding plans ranging from Rs 2500 to 5000 per person have come in various concepts of premium catering.

Restaurant Style Catering – where guests arrive and sit at a table, similar to upmarket restaurants. There is separate staff per table to take and serve your order. Menu cards are placed on the table. Hence the guest has to tell the butler or server his order. On the other hand, the kitchen is also designed like a restaurant.

In it, the dish that the guest ordered is freshly prepared and served to the guest by the best Caterers as if it was served in a restaurant. That is, it is as if the guest has received special honor in all the actions from sitting to taking the meal and does not have to move around the counters with dishes.

Also here there is a very flexible system from planning the decoration of decorated table and chair furniture to the printed menu. A smart tablet is also often placed in this concept. So that the guest can order food by selecting the food category through its application. And in this concept, special butlers are hired to serve, mostly students of hotel management or experts working in the restaurant sector come to work here on leave. So that they can take orders by explaining all the dishes to the guests in detail.

Complete Sit Down Catering – This trend is on the hot list right now with round or rectangular tables decorated with flowers and accessories. 7, 9 or 11 course dishes are served here. In which the guest does not have to work hard and there is a variety of tasty dishes starting from soup to dessert.

In this the print menu is left blank for viewing to know what the next dish will be. These guests don’t have a choice but most of the times such food is very innovative and tasty that people feel like trying it once.

Pan to Plate Catering – In this, hot dishes cooked directly in the pan are plated and served in an attractive format through a live counter.

Nostalgic Treats – Regional menu of traditional and forgotten dishes served in a modern style without changing the recipe. It has nice cutlery and decoration and tries to preserve the taste of Bhatigaal dishes. No fusion is done here.

Celebrity Chef Special Course Mill Catering – In this, chefs from five star hotels or abroad are specially invited to prepare 50 percent of the main course dishes and have their presence at the wedding counter. So people throng to see him and eat the dishes made by him.

Progressive Food and Interactive Food Catering – This focuses on making food best styling and presentable and whatever dishes are served should not look ordinary. Also this includes foreign and regional cuisines.

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